Temporary accommodation

Are you looking for temporary housing for you or your employees? Center Parcs Meetings & Events offers the solution! We can offer accommodation against a special rate when you are looking for accommodation longer than 4 weeks.

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Temporary Housing

The advantages of renting temporary housing through Meetings & Events

Are you looking for temporary housing for yourself, your employees, expats or business partners? Meetings & Events offers flexible rental options for more than 4 weeks on our Center Parcs and Sunparks villages. Advantages of renting one of our accommodations:

  • Competitive prices compared to rental houses and hotels
  • Homely atmosphere in our cottages
  • All-inclusive prices: gas, water, electricity and cable-tv are included
  • A wide range of accommodation types – from basic to luxurious
  • No deposit
  • Bedlinen, towels, cleaning or catering facilities possible upon request/against payment
  • Flexibel rental periods – withouth waiting lists – call this morning and arrive the same afternoon.

We are looking forward telling you more about our unique temporary housing facilities!

business rental

Business rentals

Are you looking for temporary housing for one of your employees or expats? Meetings & Events has the solution! We offer accommodations on different locations in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Private rental

Private rental

Are you looking for temporary housing, because you are moving, renovating or because of personal circumstances? It's possible to rent an accommodation with Center Parcs or Sunparks from a period of 4 weeks. We have villages in The Netherland, Belgium and Germany. You can stay alone, with your family or friends, everything is possible. Furthermore pets are, in most cases, allowed!